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Finding a home in Watkinsville and making an offer

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In earlier posts we discussed finding the right Oconee area lender and realtor. Now it is time to move on to the most exciting and sometimes nerve racking part of the home buying process. It is time to search for that home of your dreams in Watkinsville and make an offer.

Before hopping into the car with your realtor and looking at anything in Oconee County, we find it very helpful to put together a needs list. It will be helpful for you and whoever else may be moving with you to put your needs down on paper. Then you can track how each home you view meets those needs. This is very similar to a “Pros” and “Cons” sheet that many of us do for all decisions.

First write down your basic needs to help you and your realtor filter many of the options out of the initial viewing process.

These are things such as price range, how close you want to be to Watkinsville or Athens, rural or suburban options, and what area schools you prefer. After that, discuss more specific info such as square footage, number of beds and baths, yard type, garage and storage needs and other type amenities.

Finally decide on your timeline and get out there to see as much as possible.

As you see the homes, keep track of what preferences are available in each home and which are not.

Once you find the perfect home in Oconee, meet your realtor and write an offer. You and your realtor should determine the price to offer, who pays what costs, closing dates and several other items that your realtor should help you navigate. You will then present this offer to the seller, possibly have some counter offer and acceptance rounds and once all is agreed upon a purchase agreement will be signed by both parties.  Congratulations!

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